“I loved working with Heidi Bee! The best part about working with her is that she is so REAL and RELATABLE. She is on the journey right along with us and encouraging us the entire time because she KNOWS exactly what we’re feeling. Even when I have struggled with nutrition or exercise, her virtual support has always motivated me to not completely give up, to get back in the game, and to not dwell on these bumps in the road. In addition to healthy changes in my body, this program has helped me so much with personal growth. I feel so much more confident in myself! this program I tried things I never would have had the courage to do before. If you want to work with someone who just “gets it,” then Heidi Bee is the coach for you!

– Emily

As a two-time participant of Heidi Bee’s programs, I can say that I am hooked! I am hooked on the real talk, major shifts, and connection I have had with all of the ladies I have met through her groups. Heidi’s Joy programming is unlike anything I have ever tried in terms of the amount I learn about myself and teach myself through the framework of the program. Heidi is there every step of the way to deliver whatever it is you need that day: answers to questions, encouragement, tough love and so much more. That is what makes Heidi’s groups different, not only the content and the way you go about learning it, but also how committed she is, wholeheartedly to being your coach.

Heidi will teach you how to dig deep inside yourself to find answers that you never knew were there and shifts in how you look at yourself and the world you never knew were possible. She teaches you to be a “Joy Junkie” and to find and inspire positivity all around you. She gives you the tools and the know-how and then gives you time to practice being able to remind yourself of the version of yourself you want to be, all on your own. What she has to offer is something invaluable to your mental, physical and emotional health. But don’t take my word for it…..give her a call, reach out to her on social media, she always has time to help you reach the highest, most-authentic version of yourself.”


“I learned SO much working with Heidi.  The fun part is learning about myself and about feelings.  Heidi is an amazing coach, she makes every session fun and enjoyable.  Heidi cares SO deeply about her clients.  AND, she is just a really awesome coach. She listens and is intuitive and picks up on things in a way that amazes me. Her genuine love and acceptance for everyone is admirable.

Heidi is fantastic at helping you live your best life and being a more authentic version of yourself. All this translates into loving yourself and creating a better life for yourself including loving yourself and your body.  There is so much freedom in that.”

– Theresa

Not all fitness journeys are about physical transformation, but ones where inner strength, confidence and habits are formed. Through Heidi’s program, I’ve been supported, encouraged and loved by an amazing group of women who have helped me continue the process of being my best self. The support of these women have helped mold me into where I am today… stronger, happier and healthier. Sometimes there are just not the right words to describe it, you just have to experience it for yourself!

Reflecting on my transformation and what pushes me to keep going, I’ve realized my driving force. My family is my reason why… especially this little Beeuty! I want her to grow up seeing a strong, healthy and happy mom who takes time for herself. A mom who loves her mind and body and exudes inner strength and self-love. I want her to know what it means to love herself healthy and build a strong sense of self love for herself.

The gains from this journey are overwhelming, ones I am so very thankful for as we enter this season of thanks!  My heart is overflowing, and I cannot wait to continue my journey!

– Cortnee

“Heidi’s Body Joy program is one of the most well-rounded and complete programs I’ve ever done. After having four kids, I never thought my body would feel this strong again. She is a miracle worker and stays dedicated to helping beautiful women around the country achieve goals not just related to fitness, but to overall health, including mind, body and spirit. I would highly recommend Heidi’s program to anyone that’s feeling stuck with their goals, or looking for something new. And the best part is, being a busy working Mom of four I don’t have extra time for the gym, and her routines & coaching sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home, and according to your schedule. The freedom and flexibility is wonderful. Thanks to Heidi, I’ve truly learned to love myself healthy!”

– Julia

“For many (many) years, I have been in a constant battle with myself to “get back to my “normal” weight”. I have been working out for a long time, on and off. After having 2 kids, I found it very difficult to put myself first and make it happen. When I joined Heidi’s Coaching program, it brought an element to my goals that had been missing before. A group setting, with people like me that has similar goals & had also struggled in the past to achieve them. What Heidi’s Coaching delivers is a safe group of women to share struggles, goals, successes, and failures, all while motivating each other to keep going to live a life you love. Heidi gives us the tools to move through our blocks. If you have also been stuck and nothing that you have tried has worked, I highly encourage you to join this group and see the transformations happen. I have met my goal and am excited to continue the journey!”

– Laura

My sister happened to capture this look of me a couple weeks ago – probably not my favorite but honestly it’s how I was feeling most of this past year….like “Where am I going?  What am I looking for?  What is my purpose? When will I have to stop waiting?”

By the end of the summer, there was something tugging at me, God telling me to choose yourself and bring me along.  So right after Labor Day, I joined Heidi’s Coaching program. My initial goal was to tone up and actually stay consistent at working out on a regular basis.  However, what I gained was absolutely so much more!  I realized how much of my inner mean girl had been taking over my mind and I had to tell that b*tch to shut it down – LOL!

I met 9 other beautiful women with all sorts of struggles of their own and some the same as mine.  We grew together, met on a weekly zoom call and talked and encouraged each other throughout the journey. There were days I didn’t want to do the work or I wanted to eat my emotions – then I would happen to listen to messages from my tribe and found myself not wanting to let these amazing women down. 

If you’re looking for some life changing goodness to add to your life – contact my girl Heidi Bee – you won’t be sorry!! 

We are not in control of the timing of life. Many times we are not even in control of the outcomes that we are even waiting for. But we are in control of our thoughts and of our actions. #JUSTDOIT

To my tribe, I LOVE YOU!!  Thank you for helping me become a better version of myself!

– Kim

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