Every journey to joy is unique.  Services are provided to support you exactly where you are at right now. 

SOAR - Group Coaching *Now Enrolling for 2022

This 10-month  transformation includes 1:1 private coaching, group coaching, and a membership site filled with integrative workbooks, challenges, body movement, meditation & breathwork to fuel your daily growth.  This is your one-stop shop for creating healing, health & happiness on a journey to your highest self.   (Starts Jan 2022). 

12-week Body Joy Challenge

 The Body Joy Challenge  is a 12-week strength training journey of pre-recorded video workouts to do in the comfort of your own home or on the go. If you truly love and accept your physical body & want to treat it to movement through the power of strength training, this is for you!  A progressive self-paced journey will gently increase in intensity each week hitting upper body, lower body & total body days.  You’ll receive the full collection for life! It also includes Monthly Meet ups to discuss our Group Book “Mastering your Mean Girl” By Melissa Ambrosini, AND weekly check-ins with your coach to support you along the way!

We even have LIVE morning routines including Breathwork, Journaling, Intention Setting & body Joy Movement TWICE a week via Zoom!


1:1 Coaching

Do you prefer privacy & space to go at your own pace? 1:1 Coaching is designed to customize your experience based on your timeline, your comfort, your availability. The journey has no start/end date, it flows to fit your specific lifestyle and transformation needs.


JoyfullyBee presents “Destination Joy”.  A series of women’s retreats inspired to “get away” from from the noise & “return” to your highest self.  Join us in a variety of beautiful destinations with luxury accommodations & experiences throughout the year to refresh, reconnect, and remember the woman you are meant to be.

Fall 2021 ~ RISE RETREAT. Rooted in Soulful Energy, the RISE retreat takes place in the beautiful foothills of Ohio.  Perfectly nestled into our luxury “cabin” surrounded by the fall foliage, you’ll experience the nourishment of mother nature all around you.  Come to experience connection & leave with the vibration, creation & celebration of your highest self! 

Dates: October 28-31, 2021


Group + 1:1 Coaching + COMMUNITY 

SOAR ~ 10-month transformation

 Welcome to your all-inclusive group transformation experience including, structured monthly group coaching, 1:1 private coaching, accountability, integrative soul assignments, Video Lessons & the complete “transformation toolbox” to explore, be more & Soar into the life you desire. This is your one-stop spot for true mind, body & soul fulfillment.  Get excited for sustainable, long-term results! As a certified life coach, food & body coach & personal trainer, I’ve made it my mission to include all of the elements to help you fully transform from the inside out.

This 9-month journey is intended to guide you through the complete transformation cycle, the “chyrsalis” to SOAR: Shed, Open, Align & Rise! 




  • 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions 
  • LIVE morning routine ~ Breathwork & Movement 
  • LIVE Group Sessions 




  • (1) NEW Theme & Coaching LIVE *Group Session #1
  • (1) Alignment Assignment Workbook
  • Expert Speakers
  • Breathwork Sessions/Audios

Daily & Bonus Materials

  • Access to Recorded Replays 
  • 24-hour coaching replies via Voxer Voice or Email 
  • Free 12-week strength training series for life
    • (pre-recorded upper body, lower body, total body, over 30 videos!) 

Investment: $697

1:1 Private Coaching

60-minute private 1:1 online video chat sessions to breakthrough issues holding you back from your highest self. Sessions include customized homework to support your current status and desired outcomes/goals. 


  • (1) month = $1,000 ~ (4) sessions *200 savings!
  • (2) months = $1,700 ~ (8) sessions  *$300 savings!
  • (3) months = $2,375 ~ (12) sessions *$625 savings! 
  • (6) months = $5,000 ~ (24 sessions) *1 month FREE!
  • *Single Sessions available upon request

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Body Joy Book Club &

12-week Strength Training Challenge!

(May-July 2021)

Monthly Group Sessions with Life Coach, Heidi Bee 

Join us over the next 3 months, May – July  as we grow together reading the book Mastering your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

Dates: 5/26, 6/30, 7/28

*Wednesday evenings 7:00pm-9:00pm EST *note the time zone! 

*Chapter Assignments:

5/26: PART 1

6/30: PART 2

7/28: PART 3

12- week strength training series (3 NEW videos EVERY WEEK!!!) 

Keep them for LIFE to do from the comfort of your own home!

Plus, EVERY WEEK you’ll have access to (2) LIVE Morning Routine Sessions and a Coach Check-in for accountability & connection!




Destination Joy Retreats

 The ultimate girls getaway weekend to relax, rejuvenate & reconnect to the highest, most authentic version of you! EPIC stands for the outcomes & focus for each experience: ENERGY, PRESENCE, INTENTION & CONNECTION.  These great getaways are guaranteed to Jump start your Joy!


  • Dates: October 28-31
  • Location: The Foothills of Ohio (flights into CMH, Columbus) 
  • All-inclusive experience (*less travel) 
  • Max Capacity: 15 women 

Cup of Joy

– The Podcast –

Cup of Joy, the Podcast is a spot to jumpstart your joy, supersize your soul & provide a sweet space for your own personal growth.  This show shares stories of people who choose to shift their junk to joy and turn their struggles into celebration to live a life they love! We talk truth about topics that block us from living our best life how to make your body your bestie and tons of tasty tidbits to make your own cup of joy overflow! Believe it or not I once lost my joy, but now it’s back, and I’m here to help you find yours on the daily!