Every journey with joy is unique.  Services are provided to support you exactly where you are at right now. 


Thrive 55  is an 8-week (55-day) challenge supporting you in consistency & accountability to THIVE in the new Year!

I love a good challenge to next-level my new year… don’t you?

With Thrive you’re invited to shift from “auto-pilot” to ACTIVATE. In 8-weeks we’ll focus on making your healing, health & happiness your #1 priority, set GOALS to support your deep-rooted desires & cultivate a community that allows you to put your BEST self first!

Hosted by Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer & Breathwork Facilitator Heidi Bee.

You’ll put into action the signature THIVE Framework everyday for 55 days!

Thrive 55 Includes:

  • LIVE morning routine sessions (*Access to replays)

  • THRIVE 55 daily challenge calendar

  • THRIVE 55 daily tracker

  • Girls Got Goals Guide 

  • “Stress-Less to do list” Worksheet

  • 1:1 private coaching sessions

  • Weekly Group growth & goals coaching sessions

It’s time to come alive & fully THRIVE in the new Year!

Need a scholarship? Apply Below.  (*All applicants notified by December 13, 2021)

1:1 Coaching

Do you prefer privacy & space to go at your own pace? 1:1 Coaching is designed to customize your experience based on your timeline, your comfort, your availability.  Private coaching is offered for 6-12 months on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. All coaching calls are facilitated via zoom call. 

Schedule a 2022 vision Call to make sure it’s a perfect fit for you! 


JoyfullyBee presents “Destination Joy”.  Women’s growth getaways allow you to  “return” to your highest self.  Join us in a variety of beautiful destinations with luxury accommodations & experiences throughout the year to refresh, reconnect, and remember the woman you are meant to be.

Next Getaway: Summer 2022

*Destination & dates coming soon!

Book Club

The J.O.Y. (Journey of you) book club is  designed for connection & conversation around personal growth. Regular meet-ups for discussion & expansion.  Purchase the book club book &  and join group calls with facilitator & Certified Life Coach, Heidi Bee.

Next Book & Dates coming soon… 2022!  


30 to 60-minute online breathwork sessions to get you out of the mind & into your body. Breathwork is guided by a trained facilitator and found to reduce stress, anxiety & release or activate various emotions & energies in the body using only breath. Book your private customized session today! 

Cup of Joy

– The Podcast –

Cup of Joy, the Podcast is a spot to jumpstart your joy, supersize your soul & provide a sweet space for your own personal growth.  This show shares stories of people who choose to shift their junk to joy and turn their struggles into celebration to live a life they love! We talk truth about topics that block us from living our best life how to make your body your bestie and tons of tasty tidbits to make your own cup of joy overflow! Believe it or not I once lost my joy, but now it’s back, and I’m here to help you find yours on the daily! 

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