Hi. I’m Heidi Bee!

A Life Coach specializing in food & body freedom.  I give women permission to believe in their worth, belong in their bodies & become the highest, most authentic version of themselves!  It’s time to create EPIC Joy living the Love Yourself Healthy Lifestyle!

Hello Beautiful!

I’ve been through the heartache, the heartbreak, the frustration, the judgement. And because I’ve been in your shoes I know EXACTLY what you are feeling through each step of your journey.  I hear you, I see you, and I want you to know that you are NOT alone.

I thought that once we transformed the body everything else in life would just fall into place. But I know FIRST HAND, that physical transformation is a TEMPORARY solution unless we conquer the internal hurt, pain, overwhelm, stress, heartbreak & heartache that we’ve built up in our busy brains since we were born.

How do I know?


I thought I would be accepted when I was a size 0 and 110 pounds, but the only one not accepting me was ME.


I thought I would be successful when I felt good in my body, but I was making six-figures & amazing at my job & feeling a failure.


I thought my marriage would be perfect when I “felt a sexy size”, but he thought I was sexy, and I pushed him away b/c I felt fat.


I thought I would inspire others when they could see my abs, but I was inspiring them with my energy, light & love just as I was.


I thought I would have the best friendships when I “was the fun girl”, but my real friends enjoyed deep chats on a cozy couch.


I thought I was running marathons to be fit, but I was really running from myself.


I thought we would be together forever because he loved me…




Because I didn’t LOVE MYSELF. Knowing & believing in yourself is the only way to freedom, love, & joy. Someone else cannot give you what you are not willing to give to yourself.

My divorce was the BIGGEST loss, pain, heartache I have experienced to date.  AND it was the greatest gift & lesson I have ever received. 

Here’s what I know, we can’t THINK our way to anything.  We must FEEL in order to HEAL and I missed that step.  Believe it or not, the ONE thing we need in life is to understand our feelings so we can respond to life in a way that supports our highest self.  But most of us are not taught how to FEEL.  I know, I know, It sounds easy & too simple to be the solution, but it is!

I guide you through sustainable transformation using the EPIC JOY framework.  

What’s the EPIC JOY Framework?

What is EPIC mean anyway?

According to my friend “Webster” synonyms include: Grand, Magnificent, monumental, colossal, tremendous, extravagant, luxurious, extraordinary, Remarkable, sensational, & divine (just to name a few).  I don’t know about you, but I want my life to feel EPIC as often as possible! This framework is created to provide the shift from struggle & stuck, to designing all you desire! The EPIC JOY framework is the step-by-step process of rebuilding the highest most authentic version of yourself. 

Here’s what each phase of the journey looks like.  Each letter of E.P.I.C. JOY represents one of the transformation pillars. 





J.O.Y. (Just own you)

No fad diet, food restriction, or crazy workout routine will EVER end the fight with food and body. Emotions are everything.  We must FEEL in order to HEAL. Sustainable transformation comes from changing our beliefs, not our behaviors.  

Let’s partner together to ignite new energy for a BEEutiful You!

I can’t wait to watch you step into your happiness.

with Joy,

Heidi Bee