In this episode I am sharing my personal junk to joy story as well as the reasons behind launching this podcast and the passions for all the new coaching programs I’ve been creating.

I am diving deep, starting from the beginning and getting into a lot of topics that I have never shared publicly before, so I thank you in advance for letting me bring this to you today.

I’ve learned how to process my stories, turn my tears into triumphs, move my energy, be human and commit to my own personal growth experience.

What I thought was reality was not the whole story, however it felt true! Have you ever been there?

In today’s show I am talking faith, what the future holds and what fulfillment in my life looks like.

Please know while listening to my story and your own that everything happens for us and not to us.

I’ve finally learned how to nourish my body from a place of love not fear and excited to open these new doors for you to be able to do the same.

This freedom and joy is yours to have and I will always be here to support you every step of the way.

Did you resonate with any of my story you heard today? I would love to know what parts you connected with the most. Tag me on Instagram @joyfullybee, say hello and let’s turn our struggles into triumphs together!

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