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About Heidi Bee!

Heidi Bee is a Life Coach specializing in food & body freedom.  She is owner & founder of Joyfully Bee, a company committed to helping women heal the relationship to food & their bodies & reclaim their joy! Her 5-part Path to Presence framework takes each individual on their own journey to joy using GRIEF for growth & guidance. Each phase invites and teaches you how to take the next soft footstep on the path to healing heartbreak & finding emotional freedom. 

Her mission is to awaken joy by healing our inner wounds and giving people permission to BEElieve in their worth, BEElong in their Bodies & BEE 100% the highest, most authentic version of themselves.  Joyfully Bee offers private 1:1 coaching, guided group coaching and refreshing weekend retreats to unlock the emotions blocking our healing & experience the power of presence to feel alive & thrive!

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Joy Vibe Tribe testimonials


“I loved working with Heidi Bee! The best part about working with her is that she is so REAL and RELATABLE. She is on the journey right along with us and encouraging us the entire time because she KNOWS exactly what we’re feeling. Even when I have struggled with nutrition or exercise, her virtual support has always motivated me to not completely give up, to get back in the game, and to not dwell on these bumps in the road. In addition to healthy changes in my body, this program has helped me so much with personal growth. I feel so much more confident in myself! this program I tried things I never would have had the courage to do before. If you want to work with someone who just “gets it,” then Heidi Bee is the coach for you!


As a two-time participant of Heidi Bee’s programs, I can say that I am hooked! I am hooked on the real talk, major shifts, and connection I have had with all of the ladies I have met through her groups. Heidi’s Joy programming is unlike anything I have ever tried in terms of the amount I learn about myself and teach myself through the framework of the program. Heidi is there every step of the way to deliver whatever it is you need that day: answers to questions, encouragement, tough love and so much more. That is what makes Heidi’s groups different, not only the content and the way you go about learning it, but also how committed she is, wholeheartedly to being your coach. Heidi will teach you how to dig deep inside yourself to find answers that you never knew were there and shifts in how you look at yourself and the world you never knew were possible. She teaches you to be a “Joy Junkie” and to find and inspire positivity all around you. She gives you the tools and the know-how and then gives you time to practice being able to remind yourself of the version of yourself you want to be, all on your own. What she has to offer is something invaluable to your mental, physical and emotional health. But don’t take my word for it…..give her a call, reach out to her on social media, she always has time to help you reach the highest, most-authentic version of yourself.”


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